YubiHSM 2

Hardware security module enabling cryptographic keys protection for IT solutions

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Best cost-effective hardware security module for servers

YubiHSM 2 is a hardware module providing superior protection from phishing and malware attacks for CA root keys on servers. Cost-effective and accessible, it makes deployment easy for every enterprise. The module provides a greater level of security for organizations running Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services, offering a compelling approach for generation, storage and management of digital keys. Its convenient “nano” form-factor fits inside a USB port, which eliminates the need for additional, space-consuming hardware and offers a flexible way for offline key backup and transfer.

Secure Cryptographic Keys

Generate, store and manage digital keys.

Microsoft Active Directory Certificates

Protect Microsoft PKI digital keys with a hardware security module.

Hardware Encryption Toolbox

Use an exhaustive toolbox to generate and verify digital signatures.

YubiHSM 2

Worthwhile hardware security module solution

  • Secure key storage and management
  • Open source SDK for easy integration
  • Nano form-factor
  • USB-A

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